Tuesday, January 17, 2017
EGX Hosts The General Assembly and the Annual Meeting of the African Securities Exchanges Association

In a step that reflects a growing recognition of the role of EGX at the African level, the Executive Committee of ASEA has chosen Egypt for the second time in five years to host the General Assembly and Annual Conference, in a clear reference that EGX is capable to bring out the event in the best picture.
Dr. Mohamed Omran, EGX Chairman, said "we target through hosting the Association’s meeting to mobilize the largest number of officials and experts in international and regional investment community in Cairo. It is expected to participate in the conference nearly 30 chairmen of African Stock Exchanges addition to a large number of portfolio managers and funds and investment banks in addition to a number of representatives of international organizations concerned with investment in order to draw attention to the growing importance of the African continent on the international investment map of as well as to exploit the event to promote for the Egyptian economy. "
Omran assured that the EGX will use all its capabilities to present the conference at its best as  it highlights Egypts commitment to the African continent which represents an important strategic and economic dimensions for Egypt. He added  that the ASEA is one of the largest regional organizations to capital markets as it includes about 30 members at companies’ capitals surpassing USD 1 trillion with unlimited growth opportunities for economies came under the spotlight in recent years.
 It is worth mentioning that Omran has been re-elected a member of the ASEA Board in the capital Kigali, in addition to his election as the chairman of the Federation of Euro Asian Stock Exchanges in meetings hosted by EGX in Sharm El-Sheikh during last November.

Friday, June 30, 2017
ASEA and FSD Africa sign pact to promote the development of African capital markets

The African Securities Exchange Association (“ASEA” or “the Association”) has signed a three year Cooperation Agreement with Financial Sector Deepening Africa (FSD Africa). The Agreement is in respect of FSD Africa extending technical assistance to ASEA to the amount of GBP 160,000 to the Association with the main objectives of (i) supporting the organization of the Annual ASEA Flagship Conference and (ii) enhancing the quality of data and statistics on the ASEA website portal. Through this technical assistance programme, ASEA and FSD Africa are working together to promote the sustainable development of Africa’s capital markets by encouraging inflows of long-term finance into Africa’s capital markets, and providing a spur to economic growth as those capital flows are invested in the real economy .   
The Annual ASEA Conference is the flagship forum by the Association which brings together key decision makers in the African financial market to discuss and suggest possible ways of advancing the continent’s socio-economic transformation through the capital markets. FSD Africa will leverage its capital markets partnerships to share emerging insights, knowledge, and best practices in the capital markets at the annual conference.     
As an authoritative information portal on African markets, ASEA will collaborate with FSD Africa to strengthen ASEA’s position by enriching the information portal on ASEA’s website to provide the information that local and international investors need to make investment decisions. Better availability of information on African exchanges is expected to increase investor interest and confidence in Africa’s capital markets and result in more transactions.  
The Cooperation Agreement was signed in Nairobi at the ASEA Secretariat’s premises at the Nairobi Securities Exchange. Mr. Oscar N. Onyema, OON, the President of ASEA, noted that “ASEA was established to showcase the prominence of Exchanges in societal transformation and as enablers of inclusive economic growth in Africa and today we have yet again taken a significant step forward by partnering with FSD Africa. This cooperation will indeed build awareness of African markets.” 
Mr. Mark Napier, the Director of FSD Africa said: ‘’We firmly believe that capital markets can play a critical role in reducing poverty and strengthening financial inclusion, as well as stimulating economic transformation.  ASEA, with its pan-African reach, is an excellent partner for us as we continue to implement our broad-ranging strategy for capital market development in Africa.”

Monday, June 20, 2016
ASEA and CFA Institute sign Memorandum of Understanding to raise standards of education and professionalism in the investment management industry

The African Securities Exchanges Association (ASEA) signed a two year Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with CFA Institute to increase access to the professional education programs and standards of professionalism within the ASEA community’s jurisdictions.

CFA Institute has extended its suite of educational offerings to ASEA member exchanges, regulators, brokerage firms and any other capital market stakeholder within the ASEA member exchanges’ jurisdictions, at discounted rates effective 20 June 2017 as follows:

  1. CFA Institute Investment Foundations™ certificate: the program covers the essentials of finance, ethics, and investment roles, providing a clear understanding of the global investment industry – USD 200 per examination
  2. CFA Program Scholarship: eligible candidates can enroll in the CFA Program to begin earning the Chartered Financial Analyst® (CFA) credential, the most respected and recognized investment management designation in the world - USD 350 per examination
  3.  Certificate in Investment Performance Measurement Program (CIPM): for advanced, globally-relevant, and practice-based investment performance and risk evaluation skills which enable professionals to put clients’ interests first - USD 350 per examination
  4. Ethical Decision-Making webinar – free access to an ethical decision-making framework for the highest standards of ethics in the investment profession.

Mr. Oscar N. Onyema, OON, President of ASEA, welcomed Paul Smith, CFA, President and CEO of CFA Institute, to Nigeria and commented:

“This new partnership with CFA Institute complements our strategic objectives and we are delighted to be working together for the mutual benefit of our organizations, by providing capital markets stakeholders on our continent with the skills and tools they need for sound investment management and ethical practices. The more we promote proficiency and ethics in our markets, the more African markets will be attractive to investors.”

Paul Smith, CFA, President and CEO of CFA Institute commented: “This MoU is our first significant step towards beginning to invest more meaningfully in Africa. By bringing our programs to the ASEA community, we hope to enable employees to train and capacity-build for Africa and contribute to the development of its financial markets.”

 For further information on how to participate in these certification programs, please visit the microsite dedicated to ASEA participants.

Monday, October 30, 2017
EGX Hosts ASEA Annual Conference

Mr. Mohamed Farid, EGX Chairman, stated that hosting ASEA annual event inCairo is within EGXs efforts to activate the cooperation with the Africanfinancial centers. This conference is considered one of the most importantfinancial conferences of the continent as the African stock exchanges and anumber of influential figures in the formulation of financing and investmentpolicies in international institutions participate in it

Mr. Farid said that this conference contributes in supporting theEgyptian capital market strategy, namely achieving the economic mobilityrequired to attract foreign investments, and highlighting the role of Africancapital markets as a promising investment destination for internationalinvestment.

Farid also added that the two-day conference will discuss a number ofimportant issues related to the capital market industry, such as ways toimprove liquidity in the African markets, review the latest developments infinancial technology in the capital markets. The sessions will also discussmechanisms to strengthen governance practices and the role of financial marketsin sustainability.



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