Eng. Ahmed Shalaby
Vice Chairman 
M.B. Engineering

Eng. Ahmed has led MB Engineering since joining to achieve its strategic plans at all levels, including the following:
- Development Level: He joined the company in 2006 as a sales manager for a period of five years, which he achieved a fourfold growth in revenues. He became Managing Director from 2010 and started implementing the backward integration strategy through local manufacturing.
In addition to converting the legal and operational form of the company from a private company to a public company listed in Nilex with several subsidiaries to activate the operational aspects, where MB Industrial and Beta Electric represents the industrial arms while MB Electrical Systems represents the trading arm to build an effective strategic integration and create a strong structure for growth.
- Corporate Level: By consolidating the principles of governance, maximizing the role of the board of directors and taking care of the administrative structures in the company at all levels in terms of the permanent development of administrative structures and the introduction of external cadres and support of the administrative levels developed in order to efficiency of business.
- International Level: Through international agreements with global companies within the field through partnerships manufacturing, technology transfer and increase the trade cooperation

Previous Positions:

- Head of Trade Committee at the Egyptian Junior Business Association.
- President of the MSA Student Union for several consecutive years.

- Award of best M.Sc. Thesis at University of Greenwich.
- M.Sc. Distinction Award at University of Greenwich
- 1st Award in the IEEE Paper Contest (Egypt Section)
- 2nd Award in the International Electronics Design Contest

- "Design and Implementation of FPGA Based and Microcontroller Based Current Relay", 16th International Conference of Microelectronics, Tunis, 6-8 Dec –.
- "FPGA based protection Relay", 21st National Radio Science Conference, Cairo March.


- Master of Business Administration.
- Nile University in cooperation with IESE University, Spain.
- Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering with Honors.
- University of Greenwich, United Kingdom.
- Bachelor of Engineering with honors.
- October University of Modern Science.

Current positions:

- Vice Chairman and CEO of MB Engineering.
- BOD Member at Beta Electric Industries.
- BOD Member at Grand Investment Leasing.
- BOD Member at the Egyptian Stock Exchange.


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