Mr. Daniel Sullivan
Policy Analyst with the Strategic Policy Unit
City of Cape Town

Daniel Sullivan is a Policy Analyst with the Strategic Policy Unit of the City of Cape Town. His primary role is in facilitating the development of policy in-line with the City’s strategic objectives, particularly in relation to community engagement, and the promotion of accessible service delivery as envisioned in the City of Cape Town’s Organisational Development and Transformation Plan. Further to this role, Daniel has also taken on responsibilities for facilitating and enabling partnerships and financing opportunities between the City and other private and NGO stakeholders through his work with the CSI and Collaboration Committee. He was responsible for co-ordinating the issuance of the City of Cape Town’s Inaugural Green Bond in July 2017 - ensuring that the bond was accredited to the Climate Bond Standard, and has also been instrumental in the development of the City’s approach to, and use of Social Impact Bonds. Daniel was one of the inaugural Bertha MBA Scholars at the UCT Graduate School of Business and has a Master’s Degree in Applied Social Psychology from Stellenbosch University.


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